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Internship Applications Closed

Application form till 22/05/2022.
Interviews will be scheduled between 23/05/2022 to 28/05/2022
Result: 30-05-2022
Date of joining - 01-06-2022

Our policy for interns:

The minimum fixed stipend is Rs. 10,000/- per month.

Interns who have continued with the firm beyond two years, will get paid Rs. 20,000/- per month and may reach 25,000/- by the time they get their registration.

After their registration the said, "fresh Advocates" will get approximately Rs. 25,000 per month which shall increase 10% every year.

Besides, We also give overtime allowance, dinner allowance, paid leaves/earned leaves and Bonuses.

We do not take any interns in short term or on an online basis. We need long term commitment and personal attendance in the office. Once the firm is convinced that the intern is worthy and committed, then there is no looking back for the said candidate. We pro-actively keep promoting the said intern, thereby fully ensuring that as an Advocate he/she is one of the best in the fraternity.

We want the candidate to be fully responsible, proactive and dedicated. He/she should have the capability to be a fast learner and be hard working as well as honest in his/her work.

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