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We are not inclined towards those who are preparing for any exams because they will not be able to focus on firms work.

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    1. Knowledge of English

    2. Knowledge of Kannada

    3. Years of Experience in drafting

    4.Kinds of drafts you have made

    5.Years of Experience in Court Appearance

    6. Courts/ Forums you have appeared in:

    7. Years of Experience in Court Arguments:

    8. Years of Experience cross-examination in court:

    9. Bar Council Registration number:

    10. Local Address:

    11. Do you have your vehicle:

    12. When can you join?:

    13. Professional experience details:

    14. Reason for leaving the previous job:

    15. Knowledge of computer applications:

    16. Expected CTC:

    17.When can you attend the interview physically

    18. Are you okay with office timings 9 AM to 7 PM?:

    19. Are you judicial services aspirant?

    20. Can you travel outside Bangalore to attend cases?

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