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Civil Lawyer and advocate / Civil Lawyers and Advocates

Advocate Kapil Dixit, A civil lawyer holds many years of experience and skills to defend individuals in civil legal matters. Use LawRato to hire a top-rated civil lawyer in Bangalore to file or defend property matters, matrimonial and family matters, divorce lawyer, Realestate lawyers recovery matters, employment matters and any other matters falling under civil law. Advocate Kapil Dixit offers the best advice and practical solutions to our clients. Our services include Corporate Advisory, Criminal Trial, Marriage and divorce, Banking and Finance, Litigation and Dispute, Resolution, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Family Law Our practice is divided into several distinct Practice Groups. We work as a team sharing knowledge and experience, thereby ensuring that all necessary expertise and resources are employed to achieve the best possible results for our clients. Need instance solution regarding the legal problem? Get legal advice from top lawyer in Bangalore for civil court lawyer, divorce lawyer, Dispute resolution, commercial Lawyer, divorce lawyers in Bangalore, divorce advocate near me, immigration lawyers in Bangalore, top criminal lawyer, high court lawyers in Bangalore, property Lawyer in Bangalore, corporate advisory in Bangalore, list of lawyers in Bangalore.

Legal Advice / Legal Adviser / Legal Advisers

Legal advice is a tremendous platform where you can get connected to your desired lawyers, based on your subjective affairs. And get free legal advice from educated lawyers in your stake. It is a great bridge to have personalized consultations conveniently. And you can even get an idea of knowing a lawyer before you hire them. We provide a wide scope of lawyer’s services in various fields where you can get legal advice on issues like.
Civil Lawyer and Advocate
Legal Advice
Commercial Law
Corporate Advisor
Real Estate Lawyer
Divorce Lawyer
Criminal Lawyer
Family Lawyer
Legal Law
Our legal services can ensure your justice and safeguard your interest in the best possible manner

Commercial law / Commercial Lawyer and Advocate / Commercial Lawyers and Advocates

Commercial lawyers are Counselor who advises companies and governments on business-related issues. commercial law firms are divided up into departments, where the lawyers specialize in a particular type of work. They can either be transactional lawyers, they draw up and review the legal documents that build the deals their clients are working on, or contentious lawyers, meaning they help their clients resolve disputes with other parties. The majority of lawyers at large commercial law firms work in corporate, finance and dispute resolution, but other smaller departments like employment, real estate, and tax. when legal issues in their area come up in their deals or disputes these departments do is advising colleagues. Commercial Lawyers in these departments may also have their deals or disputes. Their work on these might resemble those of their colleagues in corporate, finance, or dispute and litigation resolution. Some lawyers in property departments working on the sale of a commercial building will work. In similar ways, Employment lawyers acting for clients involved in disputes will go through similar court or tribunal processes to their colleagues in litigation. Our commercial lawyers advise on business-related issues and various infrastructure sectors including airports, ports, roads, energy, industrial corridors, waste management and automotive. When necessary, Our commercial lawyers collaborate with other lawyers, clients or government agencies to execute paperwork or complete transactions. They may also engage in negotiations on behalf of their clients. Our Commercial lawyers deal with issues about business transactions. They may draft client agreements, negotiate employment contracts or write purchase agreements. Our Commercial lawyers often practice in law firms on behalf of multiple clients of the firm’s commercial transactions department. Since disputes about commercial transactions are usually brought to trial before a court, these departments commonly work in close contact with a firm’s litigation department. Our commercial lawyers work for a single corporation and are known as in-house.

Corporate Adviser / Corporate Lawyer and Advocates / Corporate Lawyers and Advocates

The Corporate Advisory advises clients on the issues faced by present-day companies and is equipped to handle the complexity of the legal aspects of national and international transactions. We service the day-to-day legal needs of numerous companies, banking, partnerships, proprietorship, joint ventures and financial institutions, governmental entities, and individuals with varied scope and complexity. Other than general legal advice our Corporate Advisory offers clients legal advice on specific areas of corporate and commercial law such as incorporation advice and services; corporate legal advice in the areas of joint ventures and liquidation. Our Corporate Advisory ensures that our clients receive cost-effectively, value-added and fully integrated services. Our corporate advisory is also providing Financial structuring including determining the right debt-equity ratio and gearing ratio for the client.
● Evaluate better sources of funds and Exploring refinancing alternatives of the clients.
● Advice on rehabilitation and turnaround management.
● Hedging and Risk management.
● Devising appropriate strategies for fundraising In today’s business environment joint venture transactions are becoming more and more important for large and even small size corporate to survive the ups and downs of the business cycle. Large corporate (both domestic and international) are aggressively looking for inorganic ways to expand both geographically and also across the product/segment categories to fuel their growth targets. Given, our long developed relationship with the corporate, we offer tailor-made M&A advisory services to ensure a win-win situation for our clients in terms of price as well as the right strategic partner for the M&A transaction. We have substantial experience of working on both buy-side and sell-side M&A deals for some of the bluest of the blue-chip companies in India. Our M&A Advisory Services include Buy-Side Advisory, Sell-Side Advisory, Joint Venture Arrangement, Arranging Strategic Alliances.

Real Estate lawyer and Advocate / Real estate Lawyers and Advocates

Property lawyers in Bangalore help clients with legal issues related to residential and property development, sales, acquisitions, leases, in the commercial, retail, industrial, private property ownership and residential as well as mixed-development markets. commercial property, tenants and neighbors, commercial leasing, Lawyers assist with the transfer of property including purchase and sale. They help clients to deal with the legal aspect of the rental property and defend the rights of owners, landlords, renters, and tenants. Property lawyers specialize in zoning, property development, land use, and foreclosure. Legal Advice Lawyers offer legal advice on property management, zoning violations, restrictions and covenants on real estate, property taxes, and value estimates. They specialize in property disputes and deed problems and help resolve disputes over encroachment, trespass, injuries, and boundaries. Lawyers help clients to make estate transactions and deal with different problems. These include tenants in residence, proof of title, immovable structures, and illegal additions or units. Immovable structures include minerals, bushes, trees, and buildings. Property Lawyers prepare and review real estate documents, file liens, and draft deeds. They ensure that easements, no liens, and covenants are registered against the real estate property. property Lawyers create and register documents on behalf of clients, check for adjustments, modify the terms of contracts and agreements, and negotiate the terms of sales and purchase agreements. To this, they work with investors, brokers, developers, and other attorneys. Responsibilities We have done our best and put in significant amounts of time and effort into ensuring we find the simplest and most effective ways of dealing with any regulatory issues and other problems that arise in the course of the business carried out by our clients. Our extensive research and experience in the area have enabled us to stay on top of the latest developments in the area, helping us deal with issues to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Divorce Lawyer and advocate / Divorce Lawyers and Advocates

A divorce lawyer specializes in civil law must delicately yet justly handle a wide variety of family law issues from divorce, marriage annulment and legal separation to child custody, child support, and visitation rights. A divorce lawyer is responsible for the division of assets and debt among spouses. Divorce is a delicate matter that involves family and many issues that need to be dealt with sensitively. How might you select the best Divorce Lawyer in Bangalore? Divorce is a delicate matter that involves family and many issues that need to be dealt with sensitively. The process of divorce can take more than a year and things can turn ugly if the parties involved are not amicable. It is the utmost duty of divorce lawyers to handle the case efficiently and elegantly, saving its client from any divorce situation. Indian culture was an affectionate society where the divorce was not heard. Be that as it may, with the time changing, families looking for a divorce. Reasons can be unique, and the procedure can be with many complications. Because of the lengthy and complicated process families were compelled to proceed with an awful marriage. But with awareness and many legal firms taking up divorce cases people are now willing to go through the process of divorce. Advocate Kapil Dixit is prepared, all around qualified Divorce lawyer in Bangalore providing lawful help to Businesses, Corporate, Bank and DRT, Divorce, Family and Personal laws and Criminal cases in Bangalore. It likewise encourages services for Company and different other enrollment, property, and Real Estate, and Intellectual Property Rights, with the assistance of a gathering of best legal advisors in Bangalore. Advocate Kapil Dixit, a leading & reputed Divorce Lawyers in Bangalore and is having a full-benefit law office offering discussion and legitimate help with High Court Cases, Supreme Court Cases and Civil Court Cases with Specialization in Divorce Cases in Bangalore, Credit Card Cases, Real Estate Cases, Check Bouncing Cases according to the Indian Legal System. As a Professional Lawyer in Bangalore, we submit ourselves in giving productive and result-situated answers for the Clients. We esteem the trust and convictions vested in us by our Clients and give dedicated legal service.

Criminal Lawyer and Advocate / Criminal Lawyers and Advocates

Get in touch with top criminal lawyers across India. Be it theft, assault, abuse, trespassing, domestic violence, cheating, cheque bounce or an arrest or criminal offense, a criminal lawyer can help you defend your case from filing an anticipatory bail to regular bail and to quash the case. Whether you are accused of a crime against a person (like assault or murder), a crime against property (like shoplifting or theft), or any other criminal offense, a criminal lawyer can help. Use LawRato to hire a top-rated criminal lawyer in India to defend your rights at each stage of your case – from filing an anticipatory bail to a regular bail to an appeal after conviction or to quash an FIR. Criminal Law in India Criminal Law covers issues such as physical assault, theft, rape, homicide, extortion, dowry harassment, caste atrocities, and financial fraud among other offenses. Who is affected by criminal law? A person who has been a victim of theft, fraud, forgery or more serious crimes such as domestic violence or rape, and persons who have been accused of a crime. Why do you need a criminal lawyer? In the event of your arrest on the accusation of an offense, a Criminal Lawyer can help you secure bail or anticipatory bail. A criminal lawyer can also help a person apprehending false accusations of an offense secure anticipatory bail. criminal Lawyer will also set forth your trial strategy and can help identify contradictions in the case made out by the prosecution. Criminal Lawyers can help with the registration of an FIR when the police refuse to do so. Advocate Kapil Dixit gives FREE introductory Advice identifying with every single criminal issue. It’s accomplished Lawyers have many years of experience in dealing with sensitive criminal issues of different types. Advocate Kapil Dixit criminal lawyer in Bangalore which offers a large number of administrations in the regions of Criminal law, Civil, Constitutional, Corporate. Advocate Kapil Dixit is made out of a broad system of propelled legal advisors and has kept up a one of a kind customer benefit way to deal with encourage a full scope of legal and paralegal services. Kapil Dixit Advocate in Bangalore to make the most administration situated law office, serving In Bangalore location. Originating from a group of legal advisors. I resolved to give legal counseling and representation for Bangalore India.

Family Lawyer / Family Lawyers

A family lawyer would help you with all family law related matters such as Marriage Registration, Adoption, Child Support, Divorce, Adultery, Alimony, Conjugal Rights, IPC Section 498A, Senior Citizens Law, Muslim Marriage, Christian Marriage, Special Marriages, Separation Agreements, ADRs etc.

Legal Law

A legal lawyer helps businesses with Acquisitions and Mergers, Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents, Bankruptcy Law, Cyber Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Trade Union Law, Trade Licenses, Petition filings and other corporate legal matters that come under the Corporate Law.

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